Okay so there is a reason for my absence from this blog. I’m spending every waking hour on my final animation for my course. Some of you might recognise this gentleman on my screen.
There’s a hell of a lot for me to do, I’m blogging the process of my animation here sophieknowles.myblog.arts.ac.uk

03.03.14 @ 17:354


Bali’s picture for Green!
The prompt was: So Emma the medic really likes her peace and quiet and alone time, a while back she was roommates with the sexy pyro Gladys, who is probably her worse nightmare to share space with. Hows about a scene from their time together. Getting along, killing each other, you decide!
Can you feel the love in the room? Can you just feel it?

This was what I got for the TF2rp art trade and I LOVE IT. It’s just so perfectly AWKWARD.

12.30.13 @ 18:3323


Green's piece for Robo!
The prompt: Could I get fairytale/folklore Scoot oreo please c: . Hellsing au tickled my fantasy bone(r). You can choose whatever you like, either it be something mainstream or some old pagan Norwegian folklore c: Go crazy!
Equipped with the Mighty Stick of Beat Yo’ Ass, spectacles of +1 swag and Ammunition of Piercing Annoyance.

This is what I did for this years TF2rp art trade! Didn’t scan so well and I broke my scanner just after it trying to clean it… woops…

12.30.13 @ 18:3218

Icing gingerdead men with the family, harder than it looks! Have a good Christmas!

12.24.13 @ 19:292

I’m sorry I’ve been so inactive for the last few months. I was chosen to direct an animation for the London Transport Museum this semester. Here’s a still of it. The animation turned out amazingly well, so much better than I had thought, mostly because I had an amazing team to work with. It will be shown at an exhibition about World War 1 buses next May!

12.14.13 @ 19:522

manga-ka asked:

I hope this doesn't sound harsh but I wanted to give a feedback about your ward for Dota 2. First of all, it is a very low poly model which is not balanced with the enviroment models so it may look really bad in game so add some little details. Secondly, the texture is just a lambert and there is nothing special about it. I recommend you to look up some modelling details and texturing with UV's in order to make this ward look good. Hope this helps with your submission to Dota 2. Cheers~

Thanks for the feedback. I know the ward is really simple. I just wanted to go through the whole process once before spending my life on something that doesn’t work in the end. It’s not going to get ingame but I’m pretty chuffed with it, and no harm asking people to rate it anyway :)

Pole-dancing Razor wants you should give my ward a positive rating!
(I’m sure he could make his floaty lightning legs real legs if he felt like it)

08.28.13 @ 23:2758

HEY I MADE A DOTA 2 ITEM GO GIVE IT A THUMBS UP!http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=173703306
It’s a ward that’s vaguely based off Razor. The claw finger bits wiggle around. I’ve been working on it a lot lately. Now that I know how to get things onto the steam workshop I’ll be doing more of this!

08.28.13 @ 21:284

I saw this guy on this tube the other day, he had the most amazing light blue hair. Unfortunately he was sitting opposite me so it was hard for me to catch cheeky glances at him, plus he looked a bit grumpy so having some girl staring at him wasn’t going to make his day any better.

08.21.13 @ 22:362

I’ve been listening to Welcome to Nightvale over and over for the last few weeks, I love it too much. Did this a while ago then forgot about it. I love how there’s no fixed description of Cecil so everyone has a different one. In my head he looks kinda like my OC Anthony but with a pointier jaw.

08.19.13 @ 23:2313

So Bioshock Infinite is ridiculously good, and the Lutece Twins are the best characters I love them.

04.15.13 @ 21:1751

More painting!

03.01.13 @ 20:162

Had a big assessment on Tuesday. Afterwards was the period where I get drunk and celebrated being free and then the period when I’m hungover but now is the period where I’m super productive because I feel guilty for not doing stuff. So painting time!

03.01.13 @ 20:091